CSR Activities

CSR activities can add value to corporations and enhance their esteem in the society. Some of the benefits are :

  • Enhance public image.
  • Enhance citizen trust and respect.
  • Enhance brand value of products and services and lead to growth of business, revenue and profit.
  • Help attract talented youth to join as employees/managers and for their retention and commited service.
  • Protection by the public from unethical and malicious charges against the corporate by vested interests.

[Corporate Social Responsibility ,Dr.C.G.Krishnadas Nair;Asian Journal of Professional Ethics and Management]


Why is publishing important?

  1. To share results with the rest of the society
  2. Because you have to, as a researcher
  3. Because it gives you feedbacks on your own work
  4. To advance academic knowledge
  5. Because it will improve your career

 Know your Community:

  1. By identifying research journals
  2. By identifying research conferences
  3. By visiting nearby research centers
  4. By visiting nearby research laboratories
  5. By making a recent 10 years bibliography of your research topic

What key communication elements have to be taken particularly good care of when submitting a paper to an academic journal?

  1. The Abstract
    1. Summing up key elements in research
  2. The Cover Letter
    1. Research and motivations
    2. Why using this journal is good match for publication of our research
    3. Complementary information to editors

Check for plagiarism here:

  1. http://www.plagiarism.org/

How to get Published? What distinguishes good manuscript from the other?

  1. Get-Published-Quick-Guide.pdf

The dimensionality of originality:

  1. New empirical work
  2. Interpreting known ideas in a new way
  3. New data to old problems
  4. New contextualization
  5. Leading trans-disciplinary research
  6. Producing an original synthesis
  7. Finding a new field of research

Goals of literature review

  1. Identify knowledge frontier and what needs to be studied.
  2. Identify the context of your research question or research problem.
  3. Identify keywords, variables linked to your research question, and their potential relationships.
  4. Establish the relationship between theoretical frames on one part and empirical considerations on the other.

To store references:

  • For those who use LaTex as editing software, you should know about BibTex and JabRef. Furthermore, you have the possibility from any other software such as Zotero to export in BibTex.

How to build research question from the Gap?

  1. The Gap
    • It’s not whether ” Has it already been done?” (note: never tell in research paper this has not been done before; reviewer may tell “there may be a reason or it’s not interesting”)
    • “Is it possible to move further in this direction in an original way?”
  2. Contributing to the scientific community by filling the gap in the literature.

Research Question?

  1. Has to be clear.
  2. Precise.
  3. Concise but not too general