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  1. A great explanation about how to wireframe. Gives various examples.

A Beginner’s Guide to Wireframing – Web Design – Tuts+.” 2014. 19 Nov. 2015

Wireframe Tools

  • A tool for creating wireframes for websites or applications.

Balsamiq. Rapid, effective and fun wireframing software …” 2011. 19 Nov. 2015

  • An excellent mockup tool. Can be used for wireframes, charts, blueprints, diagrams, etc. The program does cost money, but has a free trial.

OmniGraffle – The Omni Group.” 2012. 19 Nov. 2015

  • A really cool web-tool that can turn any website into a wireframed version of the site.

Wirify – The web as wireframes.” 2011. 19 Nov. 2015